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 Costs for International Fee Paying Students 2018

Administration   $500
Tuition Fee
(inlcudes any in-school ESOL tuition)
1 Year (4 terms) $12,500
1 term $3,250
2 terms $6,500
3 terms $9,750
1 week $325
Homestay Accommodation per week   $230


Additional Costs

Airport Pick up each way:              $ 150

Activity Fee Year 9 and 10:            $ 1,500

Year 11 to 13:                                  $ 2,000

This includes: registration costs for participation in sports teams, cultural or musical events equipment hire (eg; musical instruments), other costs associated with these activities trips and other events organised by the International Department. Subject related costs that may arise from time to time eg ski camp, outdoor camps, Year 12 camp etc. Interest Day / Cross curricular activities Additional out of school ESOL tuition.

The Activity Fee is managed by the school office and any surplus is either refunded to the family at the end of the school year, or if a student uses all their activity fee then the family is asked to provide a “top up” for that year.

School Uniform - indication of prices  

Boys – Junior Uniform $ 500 

Girls – Junior Uniform $ 530

Boys - Senior Uniform $ 630

Girls – Senior Uniform  $ 670

Uniform costs include good quality shoes, socks, two shirts, jersey, shorts or skirt, tie, Jacket and PE gear.

Insurances – Agents responsibility

Costs for International Fee Paying Students 2019

2017 International Student Fees

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