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Te Aroha College Graduate Profile

‘The students of Te Aroha College are our future, they will be confident, connected, well

rounded and have a clear future direction. They will have pride, purpose and flexibility. They

will seek excellence and excel locally, nationally and internationally in their chosen strengths.

They will be culturally aware and demonstrate tolerance, respect and understanding and will

go out into the world and sustainably take responsibility for themselves and those that rely

on them.’

Principal's Message

I am privileged as Principal of Te Aroha College to lead this fantastic school and believe we 

offer an education second to none. We continue as a leadership and teaching team to

be learners and innovators as we seek to provide new and varied ways to engage all our

students in learning opportunities that focus on personal and educational success. Our size

is our greatest strength as we can offer a personalised education that allows our students to

individually shine. - Heather Gorrie

Welcome to Te Aroha College - Photo Showcase





Would the following people come to B2 to get measured for your 'Hairspray' costumes as soon as possible please. If your name is not listed below, you're in 'Hairspray' and you know you have not yet been measured, come to B2 too.

Alfred Howell, Shontayne Dare-Johnson, Dejaan Schuler, Kate Morris, Jamie McIntosh, Leah Butler
- Friday 25th May, 2018 (SOL)

General Notices

Showquest is New Zealand's new music, dance and drama event for schools. Entries close on June 20. If you would like to organise a school group then check out the website: www.showquest.nz and then come and see Ms Hagan and she will help you. Thank you!
Beginning today - Hairspray Rehearsals have been adjusted to better suit as many students as possible.
We especially need you ALL in attendance on Thursdays and Sundays.
Monday - 3pm to 4pm - Dancing Practice. BOYS YOU ARE INVITED!
Tuesday - 7pm to 9pm - Acting and Dancing Workshop (No Mic and no band). Choir and/or Band will be with Vivienne in the Music Suite
Thursday - 7pm to 9pm - Full run through! Everyone please!
Sunday - 5pm to 7pm - Full run through! Everyone please!
The draw for Monday night is on the A Block noticeboard
If everyone in the school learnt 2 Māori words and 1 phrase per week. They would know 800 words and 400 phrases over two years. This would take 5 minutes of learning and maintenance per day.

PHRASE: Ka mau te wehi! Awesome
WORDS: E tū = stand E noho = sit

Give it a go!!
Year 9 are no longer welcome in the library. THIS INCLUDES THE FOYER.
This is due to your poor hygiene habits and selfishness. Dropping food, leaving rubbish behind, shoving others and using filthy language is unacceptable behaviour.
Year 10, Year 11 and Seniors are welcome to continue to spend rainy and cold days keeping warm and cosy in the library.
Did anyone pick up an I Phone charger that was left in E3?
Please take to the student centre.
Ball tickets are now on sale from the Student Centre during FIRST and SECOND break ONLY. These cannot be charged to your account - cash or eftpos only
The teachers would like to say a big thank you to the Junior Bake Off students for sharing their yummy cakes and peanut brittle/fudge.
They were delicious.