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Te Aroha College Graduate Profile

‘The students of Te Aroha College are our future, they will be confident, connected, well

rounded and have a clear future direction. They will have pride, purpose and flexibility. They

will seek excellence and excel locally, nationally and internationally in their chosen strengths.

They will be culturally aware and demonstrate tolerance, respect and understanding and will

go out into the world and sustainably take responsibility for themselves and those that rely

on them.’

Principal's Message

I am privileged as Principal of Te Aroha College to lead this fantastic school and believe we 

offer an education second to none. We continue as a leadership and teaching team to

be learners and innovators as we seek to provide new and varied ways to engage all our

students in learning opportunities that focus on personal and educational success. Our size

is our greatest strength as we can offer a personalised education that allows our students to

individually shine. - Heather Gorrie

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A very cool theatre company "Ensemble Impact" is coming to Te Aroha College on Monday, 29th of May at 2.15 (period 3B). It is called "The Outliers" and is about teenagers and young people who struggle on the outskirts of "society". Pay $5 in cash at the door on the day or PAY IN ADVANCE by writing your FULL NAME on a piece of paper with these words "$5 for The Outliers" and posting it in an envelope or provided plastic bag into the Student Services box. Your name will then go on a list and you won't have to remember to bring your money on the day. Think about what class you will be missing and talk to your teacher about it asap! - AHA

General Notices

The New Zealand Tertiary College would like to give a presentation to prospective Early Childhood Teachers. Can you please see Miss Merriman to register your interest and I will organise for them to come. - LME
The doctor will be here during second break today - if you have made an appointment please come to the student centre at 12.45pm. If you have an appointment and no longer want it, please let Mrs Johnson know asap, as we have a waiting list for appointments!!! - RJO
If you are sick at all during the day, you need to go to the Student Centre - do not phone or text your parents - Mrs Johnson will call your parents, as she needs to speak to them. If you need to leave at all during the day for any reason at all - your parents need to phone the student centre, or send a note to school - a text message on YOUR phone doesn't count. If your parents have not phoned the school or you don't have a note, then you cannot leave the school grounds - Student Centre needs parental permission for a student to leave school during the day. - RJO
We are having a competition to create the best 2017 Yearbook cover! This is open to all students. Dimensions for the front and back cover are width= 43.7cm, height 30.5cm (pixels = 5161w x 3602h). We recommend using Photoshop as your design programme. The winner gets the honour of having their design as the official 2017 Yearbook cover and a high five. Templates are available from Miss Maber. Competition closes 27th of May! Please send entries to [email protected] - MMB
Do you have an interest in Engineering? If you are interested in anything from a degree to the shop floor in engineering then Tuesday 23rd is engineering in action day in Hamilton. You get to visit 2 businesses and check out what they do and what sort of jobs are available. There is also a WINTEC visit to see what courses are available in this area. there are only 10 places available so first in first served. See Mr New for a permission slip. - TNE
Could all Year 10s in Tokomaru and Arawa form classes please remember to bring their P.E. gear in house colours on Wednesday. Thank you. - SMO
No year 10s in the library this week. Practice cleaning up after yourselves and we'll try again next week. - RSC
Year 13 and other interested students who are interested in finding out more about studying at AUT in the Future. The liaison person will be in the careers room on Thursday at 10.25, please register your interest with Miss Merriman - LME
"Can all the year 9's please remember to bring correct p.e gear and correct colours on Wednesday as the year 12 leadership team have organised some fun activities for you, thankyou" - SMO
The Light and Dark character design competition is calling for entries from students from years 11-13. Students create a character which brings to life a light and a dark emotion. There will be online tutorials as part of the competition, to help students develop their characters. First prize is worth over $10,000, which includes a scholarship for the first year of study at Animation College. Competition closes 18 June, so if this is the challenge for you, collect an entry form from Ms Baylis. - JBY
Today is your last chance to put your name down to go to Wellington 24/25 September to see a World of Wearable Arts performance. The trip will cost $200 but you do not have to pay all at once. See Mrs Oliver today to register your interest and collect the information/permission form. - SOL
A reminder for any Year 9 students wishing to go to the Waikato Young Leaders Day in Hamilton on 5th of July: we have 15 spaces available so get your applications in by the end of May! Your paragraph can be sent to my e-mail [email protected] This is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills! - BPA