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Te Aroha College Graduate Profile

‘The students of Te Aroha College are our future, they will be confident, connected, well

rounded and have a clear future direction. They will have pride, purpose and flexibility. They

will seek excellence and excel locally, nationally and internationally in their chosen strengths.

They will be culturally aware and demonstrate tolerance, respect and understanding and will

go out into the world and sustainably take responsibility for themselves and those that rely

on them.’

Principal's Message

I am privileged as Principal of Te Aroha College to lead this fantastic school and believe we 

offer an education second to none. We continue as a leadership and teaching team to

be learners and innovators as we seek to provide new and varied ways to engage all our

students in learning opportunities that focus on personal and educational success. Our size

is our greatest strength as we can offer a personalised education that allows our students to

individually shine. - Heather Gorrie

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Musicians for Beauty and the Beast 2020 - If you can read music and play proficiently - we need to you to work alongside the Musical Director in the orchestra.
We are specifically looking for keyboard, flute, clarinet and string - violin, viola.
We really need you to not be shy and come forward now - so we can start arranging the music.
Please see Ms Hagan in A1 asap.
Thank you
- Friday 6th September, 2019 (AHA)
There is going to be a Cricket muster after school this Thursday 19th September. The cricket season will be getting underway in term 4, so there will be a light net session. Bring your gear. All new players welcome.
- Friday 13th September, 2019 (PAI)

General Notices

Remember to get your completed Reflective Diary to Mr Aislabie by the end of first break on Friday.
Year 12 leadership meeting- lunch time Friday in C6. See you there!
These students need to remember to bring their sports trophies back to school this week. Julian Davis-Gorrie, Kane Dunsmuir, Kurtis Large. Claudia Eagle, Harlan Roudon, Isabelle Bray
The following girls must return their clean playing uniform and tracksuit plus bag (if you were issued with one) to the students centre in a named bag NOW! Junior A - Brooke Carter, Summa Roskam, Kelly Tohengaroa; Junior B - Kartiana Lee, Maria Bull,, Rouxane Kuhn; Senior B - Paige Spooner (bag and tracksuit), Breeje Schuler (bag), Madison Darby, Samantha Oosthoek (bag); Senior C - Kassandra Clark, Lily van den Heuvel; Senior A - Sarah Yetton, Leah McCreedy, Sophie Nickel, Yolanda Mortimer, Amber Wi, Hayley Robinson, Hope Pollock.