Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care - About - Te Aroha College

At Te Aroha College we work hard to build strong and supportive learning relationships with our students and parents. We welcome parent involvement in our many school events and encourage all parents to be in contact regularly in support of student learning and success.

Our Deans and Form Teachers are a critical part of supporting every student to be successful and are a critical link in communication and building a learning partnership between students, parents and teachers.

Our Pathways & Careers team offer extensive support to students in choosing the right future path through each stage of high school. This includes the Gateway and Trades programmes allowing students real world experiences in support of their strengths and talents.

Our School House System of four Houses - Aotea, Arawa, Tainui, Tokomaru - offers students the opportunity to engage in healthy competition where participation is everything. These whole school events are a critical and colourful part of our school calendar and support every student to get involved with students of every age in a wide range of events and activities. They offer many leadership opportunities for our students and showcase the best of team spirt in our school.

We are committed to ensuring that all students achieve success and appreciate that for some teenagers, high school years are a challenging time. We offer a comprehensive health and support programme including on-site doctors at no charge and in school counselling services that are second to none.

Restorative Practice Procedure

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