Mountain Biking Interest Group

Mountain Biking Interest Group • Interest Day • Curriculum • Te Aroha College


  1. Develop MTB skills
  2. Maintain and improve general fitness
  3. Develop and maintain existing MTB tracks in Te Aroha MTB park
  4. Prepare and project management at Secondary School MTB race to be held at Te Aroha Park (Term 4: course design; mapping; track development; project management: promotion, safety measures, on the day organisation of marshals and other volunteers)
  5. Prepare proposal for School own pump track (research, concept development of track design, project management of costings, contractors and volunteers)

 Possible activities:

  1. Training rides at Te Aroha MTB park  (monthly time trails, to track progress)
  2. Bike Maintenance lessons
  3. “Adopt a trail” – students in conjunction with council to maintain and develop tracks
  4. Workshop on Race planning/organisation from RedEvents Waikato
  5. Track licence – Velodrome, Cambridge
  6. Track development, and graphic design – Geometrix, Te Aroha
  7. Endurance and strength trainings – tips and session by Steve from CrossFit
  8. Basic training/endurance – Hauraki Rail Trail Excursions
  9. Regularly trips to other MTB parks, to further MTB skills and referencing for furthering own MTB park development.
  10. Tips from professional track builders such as Empire of Dirt, visit to Skyline Rotorua

Constraints:  Transport, School van is available on a fortnightly basis, can only transport 10 students and bikes by using the school trailer.  Volunteers and adult helpers are very limited.  Students are spilt across Morning and afternoon sessions, students will have take “turns” on the “away” trips.

Any further suggestions/ideas and offers to volunteer with developing any aspect of the programme, is welcomed.

Please contact:  Danielle Gemmell

[email protected]

027 3460616