Senior Physics

Senior Physics - Science - Curriculum - Te Aroha College

Physics lies at the heart of science and explains how the world works.  Almost any scientific problem can be approached using the ideas and methods of Physics.  Physics students at Te Aroha College are able to use their understanding to predict how an object will behave under particular conditions, improve the functioning of everyday objects and envisage new developments. 

The Level 2 and Level 3 Physics courses at Te Aroha College cover all aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum (Mechanics, Waves, Electricity and Electromagnetism, Nuclear and Modern Physics, Investigation and Research Skills) and provide students with a strong foundation in problem solving, analytical, mathematical and IT skills.  Students studying Physics at Te Aroha College enjoy a course of study that meets studentsÂ’ individual abilities and career aspirations since learning in Physics can lead to a wide range of opportunities and is highly valued by tertiary institutions and employers alike.