Junior Science

Junior Science - Science - Curriculum - Te Aroha College

Junior Science at Te Aroha College comprises a 2-year programme covering Level 5 of the New Zealand Curriculum.  The Curriculum covers the main contextual strands of Living World, Material World, Physical World and Planet Earth and Beyond, with the overarching and unifying Nature of Science strand.  At Te Aroha College, teaching programmes reflect the belief that integrating Nature of Science skills and dispositions, enables students to develop an understanding of how science is relevant to their everyday lives. 

Junior Science is supported at Te Aroha College with modern, well-resourced laboratories and opportunities to engage and extend junior students with activities such as the annual Science and Technology Fair, Astronomy Club and Bridge Building.  Junior Science at Te Aroha College aims not only to prepare students for Senior Science pathways, but to prepare all students to be citizens who can confidently engage with science on a personal and a societal level.