Senior Chemistry

Senior Chemistry - Science - Curriculum - Te Aroha College

Chemistry is the science of stuff. The study of matter, how everything is put together and how matter and energy interact together. Everything is made of matter.

At Te Aroha College chemistry is taken at year 12 and 13. Each year is a mix of both external assessments, with NCEA exams at the end of the year, and practical based internal assessments.
Year 12 is the introductory year. Students learn about how atoms are put together, and how they bond with each other to make simple and complex compounds. They learn about some of the many reactions that compounds can do. They learn about the energy that is needed to perform these reactions.
Year 13 is a continuation from year 12. There are more practically based internal assessments to further expand the student’s knowledge. The external assessments extend the learning that was done at year 12, learning even more about how the world around us works.