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Argentina 050

Spanish is taught from years 9 to year 13. Students are challenged to use Spanish as a tool of communication from their first lesson. Students are quick to respond to classroom instruction in Spanish as well being able to initiate interactions and negotiate meaning.

Spanish students learn about diverse cultures of the over 22 Spanish speaking countries. Second language learning assists with improved literacy skills in their first language. And as there are so many cognates in Spanish it also expands their vocabulary in English. Those interested in a career science get an advantage, as many of the more technical scientific terms are everyday words in Spanish.

Spanish students have had opportunity to travel and experience the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Eleven students travelled in the April school holidays, and attended language school in morning and sampled the many cultural attractions of the Paris of the southern hemisphere. A fantastic learning experience was had by all.

The things I like about buenos aires and this trip
I like that there is so much history in every street,house,food and buildings I like that no matter what we have been through we have all been through it together as a group and we all can still manage to smile after each day. Ilike how this place has showen me how other people live and when I complain back home I really should be shutting up. Ilike how a live this city is 24/7 I like the big tall old beautiful buildings that have meanings behind them, ilike how I will never forget the friendly people I have met or the people who I have become close with, ilike how this place has made us a family even though we all but heads we will always have eachothers backs, ilike how greatful.iam I got the chance to come here wouldn't change it if I could.
Shannon Kells, Year 13 Spanish Student

Things I like about Argentina
I like that the subte is the main transport of Argentina and can hold thousands of people on one train! I like that I have the best host lady who is amazing! I like that the city never sleeps and the thunderstorm was awesome! I liked going to the ranch and eating the food! I love the food over here!!! 
Angus Hamilton, Year 10 Spanish Student

I like how we have all been through so much but instead of looking down on it we looked up as it made us stronger. Every day has gone so fast and i have enjoyed every minute of it. i like that Danielle Gemmell has look after us all very well thank you so much :) we would be here if it wasnÂ’t for you. You have organised this whole trip for us all and we are all very grateful for that. we have worked around the challenges so that nothing has let us down this trip has been an amazing experience and life changing all thanks to you profe thanks so much x

Shenae Fisher, Year 11 Spanish Student

Alyssa Argentina