Senior Course Selection 2024

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Senior Course Selection 2024

The following email has been sent to caregivers and students about the Senior Course Selection process 2024.

"We are writing to let you know about the Course Selection process for 2024. The aim of Course Counselling is to ensure that subject selection fits with the student's career pathway and interests. We request that your student select subjects for 2024 on the School Point Website. This will allow the school to structure its course offering to best meet student needs, and assist deans and teachers with Course Counselling.  

It would be helpful if you could have a discussion with your student about their Career Plan and preferred subject choices, as it is very important that students have made their selections in consultation with family.

Using the website:

Caregivers can:

-    Review Course Description and Standards

-    Login to View Student's Career Plan/Goals

-    Login to View Current Student Subject Selection 2024

Please note:

Caregivers can Login – using caregiver's email you have provided to the school (request magic sign-in) (please contact [email protected] if you wish to update/check your email address )

Students can sign in using their School Google account. 

Yours faithfully,

Senior Deans

Te Aroha College

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