Hunting trip in the Kaimanawa Forest 2017

Hunting trip in the Kaimanawa Forest 2017 • News • Te Aroha College

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Hunting Trip

Our Interest Day Hunting Group is going on its annual hunting trip in the Kaimanawa Forest from Tuesday 29 August 2017 to Friday 1st September 2017. The students will drive to Taupo and then get flown in by helicopter to stay two nights at private hunting blocks. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students as these blocks are not usually accessible to the public.

This trip is a chance to put into practice all that the students have learnt during Interest Day. They will be sleeping in tents and preparing their own meals. There will be ample opportunity for the students to do some trout fishing, deer stalking and hunting under the supervision of a licensed firearm holder in groups of four.

Helisika Taupo have been amazing in their support of this trip, offering return trips in a helicopter to the two private hunting blocks at a heavily reduced price. The two blocks we are going into are the Otupua and Mangaroa blocks, which are both bordered on one side by the Mohaka River.

The weather forecast looks great, our students and adults are all excited at the chance to spend two full days in the great outdoors.

Hunting and Fishing Rotorua have very generously offered to help us with future camps by providing freeze dried food and clothing at heavily reduced rates.

The support of our community towards this trip has been outstanding and a really positive reflection of the life skills our students are learning in this course.

If there are any experienced hunters in the community who would love to assist us in future trips by coming with us, please feel free to contact the college.


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