BOT Election Results

BOT Election Results - News - Te Aroha College

We would like to welcome the newly elected Te Aroha College Board of Trustees and thank all those who voted in the Board elections. The first meeting of the new board will be held on the 25th of July  2016 at the college at 7pm.  

We thank all those parents and staff who exercised their democratic right to vote on the Governance team who will lead our school for the next three years. We include the election results and the edited mini biographies of the successful candidates for your information.

We have set a clear strategic course for the future of Te Aroha College that puts learning at the centre of all that we do and we look forward to working together to further to our vision for success for all students. Our ERO report has supported our direction and the next three year term of the board will be focused on making this happen.

Should you wish to get in contact the members of the Board their  contact details have been included.  We thank you all again for your continued support of Te Aroha College.

The final results in the parent election were:



Maria Admiraal 74

Jason Chilcott 71

Jocelyn Hale 46

Graham Hallett 57

Greg Marshall 50

Mark Spooner 86

Melanie Wilson 82

Invalid 3

I hereby declare Mark Spooner, Melanie Wilson, Maria Admiraal, Jason Chilcott and Graham Hallett duly elected.

Jeff Bolstad, Returning Officer


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