Interest Day Update

Interest Day Update - News - Te Aroha College

Psychology Interest Day visit to the University of Waikato

The psychology interest day group visited the Psychology department at the University of Waikato. We met a senior lecturer in the psychology department, visited the driving and psychology institute and sat in on a lecture. A great day which has hopefully inspired some students to think about psychology in their futures.  For more information, please contact Mrs Mortimer at College.

MTB Interest Day Group

The boys are busy maintaining and developing tracks in the Te Aroha MTB park, as well as scoping out the best possible race loop.  The group is planning to organise and run a race for Secondary and Primary Schools to be held early term 4.  The boys are also developing a proposal for a school based pump track.  And of course we are doing lots of fantastic riding, developing fitness and skills.  Thanks to Carl Van Heuvel for his inspirational talk about his Aotearoa Tour experience and to Chris Cameron, and to Phil Nicholls who helped rescue us when the van broke down.