Motutapu Camp Health Update

Motutapu Camp Health Update • News • Te Aroha College

After the recent events on Motutapu Island around the  meningococcal meningitis  death, Mrs Livingstone has been in touch with personnel incharge of the camp.  They have issued the following information which should put anyone still concerned or worried at ease.

"I encourage you to do your own research on meningococcal meningitis but here’s some key points:

  • The student contracted the infection in Kerikeri, Northland where they live.
  • They did not contract it on Motutapu
  • They died in Auckland Hospital despite the very best of diagnosis on island, soonest evacuation by chopper and the efforts of medical staff.
  • This is tragic and very upsetting to all concerned.
  • This infection / disease is spread by direct and prolonged close contact e.g. kissing
  • The infection has virtually “ Zero, 0” life expectancy outside the human body
  • We have been given the all clear by health authoritiesand have approx. 140 students in camp now
  • I can assure you there are no that’s zero risks from this (contracted on Motutapu) to your group.
  • Prevention is just basic hygiene…

 Hope that covers it for now."




Duncan Watson

Facility Manager

Motutapu Outdoor Education Camp

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