Stage Challenge 2016

Stage Challenge 2016 - News - Te Aroha College

“Make a Wish”

Te Aroha College performed our Stage Challenge dance/drama at Baycourt Theatre on June 16th. It was a moving piece and we were thrilled with the final result. We were awarded an Excellence for Stage Use and an Excellence for Visual Enhancement (Canon). Nikita Wiggins was awarded an Excellence in Leadership. Nikita and Camila Dapelo co-directed our Stage Challenge. They conceived the story-line, organised the rehearsals, costumes, soundtrack and choreography. The girls received badges from the school for their leadership and commitment. There were 54 students involved in the cast and crew. The lead roles were played by Teagan Gorman and Lewis Marshall who are also to be commended for taking the spotlight with so much passion. We would like to thank all the students and teachers involved. We would especially like to thank our parent helper - Marinela Dapelo - who spent hours making waist coats. This year we tied our Stage Challenge dance/drama in with a fundraising effort on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. We held a grocery raffle and sausage sizzle. With the support of the Te Aroha College Student Council, we held a school dance and mufti-day. We earned in excess of $1485 which will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The Story

In our Stage Challenge a teenage girl, diagnosed with Cancer, is asked to the school ball. The “Make-A-Wish” foundation makes it possible. Unfortunately she doesn’t get her wish as she collapses due to her illness. In the hospital waiting room, friends show their support. The girl’s boyfriend attends her in the hospital room, where she clings to life.